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 Infoterm Newsletter - INL

INL is the official quarterly of Infoterm, the International Information Centre for Terminology. The goal of this publication is to provide information on developments in the field of terminology and on the activities implemented by Infoterm members and co-operative partners.

Reprinting of INL in partial or complete form is encouraged given proper quotation.

Download the last issue:         INL 165/166

                                            INL 163/164

                                            INL 161/162

                                            INL 159/160 

                                            INL 157/158  

                                            INL 155/156

                                            INL 153/154

                                            INL 151/152

                                            INL 149/150

                                            INL 147/148

                                            INL 145/146
                                            INL 143/144
                                            INL 141/142
                                            INL 140
                                            INL 139
                                            INL 138
                                            INL 137
                                            INL 136
                                            INL 135
                                            INL 134                                      
                                            INL 133
                                            INL 132
                                            INL 131
                                            INL 129-130
                                            INL 127-128
                                            INL 126
                                            INL 125
                                            INL 124
                                            INL 123
                                            INL 121-122

 BiblioTerm - BIT

BIT is aimed at informing its readership about the latest publications in the field of terminology. This bibliographic information comprises mono- and multilingual specialised vocabularies, terminology-related bibliographies, as well as directories of acronyms and abbreviations.

The various entries are planned to eventually be published in a cumulative international bibliography.

Download the last issue:         BIT 106-107
                                            BIT 104-105
                                            BIT 103
                                            BIT 102
                                            BIT 101
                                            BIT 99-100

 Terminology Standardization and Harmonization - TSH

TSH is a joint publication of the ISO/TC 37 Secretariat and Infoterm. Created in 1989, its objective is to foster communication and co-operation between organisations and individuals involved in terminology standardisation.

TSH provides information on terminology standardisation, especially within the framework of technical committees, and on new publications in this field.

Download the last issue:         TSH 35-36
                                            TSH 34
                                            TSH 33
                                            TSH 32
                                            TSH 31
                                            TSH 30
                                            TSH 28-29

 StandardTerm - STT

STT provides up-to-date information on standardisation in the field of terminology, including standardised guidelines for elaborating terminologies. The aim of StandardTerm is to give this bibliographic information the widest possible dissemination, as national and international (ISO, IEC) terminology standards are high-quality tools for international communication and the transfer of scientific and technical knowledge. Since 1989, this periodical has been published jointly by Infoterm and the ISO/TC 37 Secretariat.

Download the last issue:       STT 87-88

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