Infoterm Activities

The tasks and activities of Infoterm are defined by the Infoterm General Assembly (IGA) and stipulated in the medium-term Work Programme upon approval by the Infoterm Executive Board (IEB). The primary focus has remained unchanged since 1971 (as agreed with UNESCO): fostering, promoting and coordinating cooperation among institutions, organizations and networks concerned with terminology and its manifold applications. At present, the main foci of Infoterm activities are:

The expertise, acquired over the years by Infoterm, is put into practice through:
  1. Consultancy services to institutions/organizations in the public domain and non-profit sector, focusing on networking as well as on institution and capacity building projects in the field of terminology and other language and content resources (incl. related standardizing activities).
  2. Assistance in connection with the establishment of terminology infrastructures especially in language communities where they do not yet exist in cooperation with pertinent institutions/organizations in the respective community as well as at regional and international levels.
  3. Joint activities with UNESCO, WHO and other international organizations mainly in connection with standardizing activities.
  4. Development of terminological methods in data modelling and content creation workflows with the aim to develop and enhance content interoperability. See Projects

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