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Terminology Policies

Terminology policy: strategy which aims at developing or regulating emerging and existing terminologies

Terminology policy-making at national level is a complex process and is perpetually influenced by various factors, such as demographic, cultural, ethno- and geo-linguistic factors, socio-psychological factors, economic factors or legal factors. Therefore, a terminology policy may serve quite different purposes.

Any formally conceived terminology policy is likely to address one or more of the following issues: establishment of support mechanisms and promotion activities, capacity building through the training of terminology experts, the development of terminological products, such as vocabularies, terminology databases and services. The planning and implementation of terminology policies invariably encompass standardization activities.

In 2004, Infoterm was commissioned by UNESCO to organize the preparation of "Guidelines for Terminology Policies", which were published in 2005 and since then have been translated into many languages.
Links and Resources on Terminology Policies and Planning

Increasingly it is recognized that a terminology policy or strategy can be highly beneficial for enterprises and other organizations. Therefore, in 2010 the International Standard ISO 29838:2010 "Terminology policies — Development and implementation / Politiques terminologiques — Élaboration et mise en oeuvre" has been prepared by ISO/TC 37 "Terminology and other language and content resources". It places terminology policies in the broader context of institutional strategic management.

Terminology policies have become a topic in many events, conferences, workshops etc., such as the Special EAFT Seminar on Minority Languages and Terminology Policies, held in Dublin, 27-28 July 2007, where interesting case studies were presented.

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