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Recurrent Events

Events with Infoterm as organizer, co-organizer or supporter

Soon after its foundation in 1971 Infoterm engaged in the organization of conferences, symposia, workshops and other events in different parts of the world. Some of them, like the International Infoterm Symposia in 1976 (1st), 1986 (2nd), 1991 (3rd) and 1998 (4th) and others led to the publication of proceedings. The following events have been initiated by Infoterm and have since then become regular events, such as
- International Terminology Summer School (TSS) as of 1981
- Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE) as of 1987
- conferences in conjunction with ISO/TC 37 as of 2006

Initiated by Infoterm in 1981, the Terminology Summer School (TSS) has ever since become a model for similar activities in other countries and world regions. After 1999 TSS is organized by TermNet together with a Management Group composed of prominent university teachers and researchers in the field of terminology. Since then, TSS has been alternately held at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany, and the Center for Translation Studies of the University of Vienna, Austria.


In 1987, Infoterm organized the first international Conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE), which since then has been organized every 3 years by the Association for Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (GTW).

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For the proceedings of TKE 1999, TKE 1996, TKE 1993 TKE 1990 and TKE 1987 please contact

Conferences in conjunction with ISO/TC 37 meetings
Until 2008, Infoterm used to organize, in conjunction with the ISO/TC 37 annual meetings, a conference on a specific subject with the aim to bring together experts working on hot topics in terminology and language resources standardization, on the on hand, and interested users from industry, business and academia, on the other hand.

In 2009, the Instituto Colombiano de Normas Técnicas y Certificación (ICONTEC) hosted the ISO/TC 37 meetings in Bogotá (Colombia) from 9 to 14 August, and on 15 August 2009 also organized the International Conference on Terminology Standardization and Application in Industry.

In 2010, the ISO/TC 37 meetings which took place in Dublin (Ireland) from 15 to 20 August were preceded by several TC 37-related workshops including one on 'ISO/CDB – A model for future integrated and federated content repositories', organized by Infoterm in cooperation with Infoterm Member GTW within the framework of the TKE Conference 2010 held at the Dublin City University.

In 2011, Infoterm co-organized the First International Conference on Terminology, Language, and ContentResources (LaRC 2011) in Seoul (Korea) from 11 to 12 June. It included the celebration of th 40thh anniversary of Infoterm and 60th anniversary of ISO/TC 37 and was followed by the ISO/TC 37 meeting week from 13 to 18 June 2011.

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In 2012, The 10th Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Conference - New frontiers in the constructive symbiosis of terminology and knowledge engineering (TKE 2012) which took place in Madrid from 7 19 to 22 June was preceded by several TC 37-related workshops and conferences  including one cMap Open Conference, organized by Infoterm.
In 2013, the ISO/TC 37 meetings took place at SABS, the South African Bureau of Standards in Pretoria, from 9 to 14 June. The meetings were preceded by the Second International Workshop on Terminology, Language, and Content Resources (LaRC 2013) on 8 June with a focus on controlled natural languages (CNL), Infoterm contributed with the presentation "Processing corpora by applying CNL for the efficient extraction of structured content to be used as learning objects (LO)".
In 2014, The Infoterm Secretariat supported the 11th International Conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE 2014), held inter alia by the Association for Terminology and Knowledge Transfer (GTW) and the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) in Berlin, Germany, 19 – 20 June. TKE 2014 focused on ontology, terminology & text mining and was followed by a day of workshops. Infoterm contributed to TKE 2014 by organizing the Workshop “Language Codes at the Crossroads” on 21 June. It was held within the framework of the ISO/TC 37 Annual Meeting Week in Berlin, 21-27 June.

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