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7th International Conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering

The Conference took place at the Copenhagen Business School and was organized by the
Association for Terminology and Knowledge Transfer (GTW). It focused on terminological methods in content development with a special emphasis on semantic interoperability and standardization.

The theme of TKE 2005 was "Terminological methods in content development with special emphasis on semantic interoperability and standardization".

Within this theme the conference papers were presented and workshops offered on all aspects of Terminology and Knowledge Management, such as:

  • Methodology standardization
  • Semantic interoperability under the requirements of multilinguality & multimodality
  • Metadata
  • Data elements and data categories
  • Metamodels
  • Information extraction and retrieval
  • Terminology extraction
  • Content development
  • Content maintenance and updating mechanisms
  • Ontologies
  • Concept systems
  • Classification systems & thesauri
  • Taxonomies

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