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8th International Conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering

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                                                 TKE 2008

                       Copenhagen, Denmark, 18-21 August 2008

The Conference took place at the Copenhagen Business School and was organized by the
Association for Terminology and Knowledge Transfer (GTW).

The Conference was framed by two full-day practice-oriented Workshops:

  • Walking across the application divide between mainstream terminological resources and the Semantic Web: Mining information in TBX for Use in SKOS and OWL Environments (organized by Sue Ellen Wright and Alan Melby on 18 August)
  • Development of Enterprise-level Ontology and Lexical Resource Solution (organized by the Microsoft Language Excellence team on 21 August).

The main part of the Conference concentrated on “Managing Ontologies and Lexical Resources” and was an unparalleled opportunity to learn a little more about how ontological principles can assist the management of terminology and other content resources. Yet, the overarching question of what ontology is and ever can be, and how it relates to terminological concept systems remains still open. The developments in international standardization, as they are currently underway in ISO technical committee 37 (ISO/TC 37) were also addressed.

The proceedings, entitled “Managing Ontologies and Lexical Resources”, by Bodil Nistrup Madsen and Hanne Erdman Thomsen are published in one volume (ISBN: 87-91242-50-9) and can be obtained from the latter:

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