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TKE 2010 Conference - Presenting terminology and knowledge engineering resources online: models and challenges

TKE Conference 2010

Presenting Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Resources online: Models and Challenges

Fiontar, Dublin City University (DCU), 12-13 August 2010

This TKE (Terminology and Knowledge Engineering) Conference 2010 was held the week before the ISO TC 37 annual meetings in Dublin and was organized by Fiontar, and the Association for Terminology and Knowledge Transfer (GTW), in cooperation with TermNet and other associations and consortia, national and international organizations.

The Conference Proceedings in form of a booklet and a CD-ROM can be ordered from Edel Ní Mhuirthile:, Tel. +353 1 700 6577.

Workshops on 14 August 2010

Two Workshops were held immediately after the Conference at the Dublin City University:

  1. A half-day workshop in the morning on 'ISO/CDB – A model for future integrated and federated content repositories', organized by Infoterm in cooperation with R. Weissinger (ISO Central Secretariat), R. Pohn (Paradine Ltd.), K.-D. Schmitz (Institute of Information Management), and K. Warburton (Terminologist, IBM Corporation).

    It was geared towards terminology users and experts to inform on the new approach of the ISO Concept DataBase (ISO/CDB) and how to make best use of it. It was followed by an animated discussion. Each participant received a memory stick with the presentations that can also be downloaded here:
    ISO/TMB/AHG & The ISO Concept Database
    Terminological Data Modeling
    Terminology Standardization and Translation Standards
    ISO Concept Database
    Applications of the ISO-CDB Model in Commercial Environments

  2. A full-day workshop on 'Standardizing Data Categories in ISOcat: Implementing Group Work for Thematic Domains', organized by S. E. Wright (Kent State University), Mernzo Windhower and M. Kemps‐Snijders (both from Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics).

    It was intended to reach both groups of experts and users, because both activities are faced with the task to find a fundamental solution for identifying individual pieces of information at field level within entries in the database. This is essential for the design of collaborative work on repositories of structured content.

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