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Infoterm will be represented at the National Conference on Language & Translation Industry of India, in New Delhi, 17-18 April 2009

This conference aims to provide a platform to translators, translation service providers, technology partners, quality control auditors, terminologists, project managers, communication managers, academicians, publishers, content writers, government officials and diplomats to engage in a dialogue and get benefitted by networking with each other and share information and knowledge in areas related to globalisation, localisation, CAT Tools, quality standards, terminology management and professional practices in the context of translation and translation services in India.

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ISO/TC 37 "Terminology and other language and content resources" will convene in Bogotá in August 2009

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International Terminology Summer School 2009: registration is open!

The International Terminology Summer School 2009 (TSS2009) will take place from 6-10 July at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. TSS is a practice-oriented one week training course for terminology management. The course is aimed at language professionals (translators, terminologists, etc.), students and scientists who look for a comprehensive, state-of-the-art introduction to terminology theory and practice.

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Infoterm member ELETO - the Hellenic Society for Terminology invites you to the 7th Conference "Hellenic Language and Terminology"

The aim of the Conference is to present the current situation of the Greek language from a terminological point of view, as well as methods, practices and tools of Terminology science, and their application in the Greek language environment – monolingual and/or interlingual –, with a view to promote terminological research and contribute to the present-day terminological enrichment of the Greek language.

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International Mother Language Day, 21 February

Why do languages disappear? Which parts of the world are most affected? What can be done to save them? The new edition of the UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger aims to answer these questions. It will be presented to the press at UNESCO Headquarters on 19 February, on the eve of International Mother Language Day (21 February). The International Mother Language Day was initiated by UNESCO in 1999 and is since celebrated every year on 21 February. The day reminds of the cultural and linguistic diversity.

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