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30 Years Infoterm

Since the early thirties of the 20th century, a privately owned terminology centre existed in Wieselburg (Lower Austria). It was attached to the enterprise of Eugen Wüster, the founder of the General Theory of Terminology and one of the pioneers in terminology standardization. In 1951, he took over the Secretariat of ISO/TC 37 “Terminology (principles and co-ordination)” for the Austrian Standards Institute (ON). From this year onwards until 1963, two linguists, Friedrich and Anneliese Lang worked as librarians, lexicographers, terminologists and organizers of meetings and conferences for Wüster’s centre. In October 1964, Helmut Felber became research assistant of Wüster, a function which he held until 1970.

The Wieselburg Centre was among others engaged in projects with UNESCO and other international organizations and thus in contact with numerous experts world-wide. In this way, the Wieselburg Centre set up a considerable library which became the Wüster Archive when it was transferred to Infoterm in 1981. Today, the Eugen Wüster Archive is part of the Science Theory Archives of the University of Vienna. After the death of Wüster in 1977, the Austrian Standards Institute continued to host the International Information Centre for Terminology (Infoterm) and ISO/TC 37, another offspring of Wüster’s activities, being taken care of by Infoterm. Infoterm was founded in 1971 on the basis of a contract between UNESCO and the Austrian Standards Institute.

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