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The Localization Industry Standards Association would like to learn your opinion about TermBase eXchange (TBX)

The  Localization  Industry  Standards Association would like to learn your opinion  about  TermBase  eXchange  (TBX),  an  XML  format  for markup and exchange of terminology data:

The  purpose  of  this brief survey is to determine how widely TBX is being used  in  the  localization  industry  and  related  domains, and to gather feedback   from  implementers  or  potential  implementers.  TBX  has  been submitted for approval as an ISO standard and LISA is therefore taking this initiative, prior to the ISO approval, to validate and improve the format.

LISA  needs your feedback in order to ensure that the localization industry has  an  effective  standard  for the exchange of terminology resources. In addition  to  your  own  reply, please forward this note to anyone else you think may have an opinion on this subject.

Last update: 2008-10-26

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