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CALL FOR PAPERS: TII 2008 Conference on Terminology and Information Interoperability - Management of Knowledge and Content

As every year Infoterm, together with ISO/TC 37, is organizing a conference in conjunction with the annual meetings of ISO/TC 37.

These conferences aim at bringing together experts working on hot topics in terminology and language resources standardization and the users, i.e. industry members. It is one of the objectives to strengthen cooperation and to close the gap between these two areas, especially targeting industry associations in the host country.

This year the conference will take place in Moscow, Russian Federation, on 16 August 2008.

TII 2008 Conference on Terminology and Information Interoperability - Management of Knowledge and Content

TII is the 3rd international event of ISO/TC 37 “Terminology and other language and content resources” covering not only thematically all aspects of the standardizing activities of this technical committee of ISO (International Organization for Standardization), but also relevant industrial applications and services. It is held on the occasion of the annual meeting week of ISO/TC 37 in Moscow 10-15 August 2008, which allows researchers and practitioners of all world regions active in the addressed domains to participate.

Please submit abstracts (200-400 words) for contributions by 18 July 2008
Conference language: English

Preliminary Programme and Call for Papers
09:00 Registration
09:45 Opening
10:00 Keynote: Prof. Leijcik, Prof. S. Shelov and Prof. A. Kozlov
10:30 Section 1 – Fundamental theory and methodology
Keywords: Fundamental theory and methodology of knowledge, information and content; new approaches; socio-, psycho- and neuro-terminology; simplified and controlled language approaches; content integration and interoperability; 
- Findings of latest research
- Policy issues
- Theory and methodology of industrial applications
- Standardization theory
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 Section 2 – Language and knowledge applications
Keywords: Structured content at the level of lexical semantics: terminology, lexicography, product properties, learning objects, etc.; multilingual applications of terminology and lexicography: translation, interpretation, terminology policy, etc.; knowledge-rich terminology and lexicography in the age of the Wikis; advances in the management of terminology, language and content resources; internationalization and localization; 
- Latest applied research and development
- Content development, maintenance and distribution
- Industrial applications and services
- Development of tools
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Section 3 – Industry, administration and services
Keywords: content, information and knowledge management; structured content and web services in eBusiness, eHealth, eProcurement, etc.; successful existing and new business models; 
- Legal issues: IPRs, copyright and liability
- Best practice and business cases
- Standardization
- Certification
18:30 Wrap-up and closure
19:00 Dinner and fare-well party

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