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XXXIV Annual Conference - The World in Crisis - And the Language Industry?

13-14 November 2009
Geneva, Switzerland

First Announcement and Call For Papers

The financial crisis which broke out in late 2008 has developed into a global economic crisis affecting world production and services alike. The conference will analyse how far this crisis has an impact on the language industry, particularly on translation and related fields including language training, terminology, language resources and how language professionals can cope with the new situation.

The conference is organized jointly by the International Association Language and Business (IALB) and the Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters (ASTTI), under the auspices of Infoterm member FIT Europe.


  • The language industry in crisis?
  • The language of the (economic) crisis
  • Economic translation today
  • Economy in turmoil = linguistic turmoil?
  • Optimisation of language resources

Target groups

The organisers of this Conference cordially invite communication specialists from business, the language industry and from language and translation management, as well as

  • Scientists and specialists from such different disciplines as business sciences, economics, marketing, translation sciences, languages and cultural studies
  • Language and communication trainers
  • Technical writers, translators/interpreters, terminologists
  • Interested fellow specialists.

Proposals for papers should be submitted by 31 May 2009 to:
Manfred Schmitz, IALB Secretary

For further information about this conference visit:

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