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Release of the new version of the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository 1.8

CLDR 1.8 (Unicode Common Locale Data Repository 1.8), which is providing key building blocks for software to support the world's languages, contains data for 186 languages and 159 territories, 501 locales in total. Version 1.8 of the repository contains over 22% more locale data than the previous release, with over 42,000 new or modified data items from over 300 different contributors.

For this release, the Unicode Consortium partnered with ANLoc, the African Network for Localization, to help extend modern computing on the African continent.

The Afrigen-ANLoc project's mission is
  • to create viable locale data for at least 100 of the over 2000 languages spoken in Africa, and
  • to incorporate the data into Unicode's CLDR project and
Implementation of fundamental locale data within CLDR is a critical step for providing computer applications that can be localized into these African languages, thus reaching populations that have never before been able to use their native languages on computers and mobile phones.

For more information, please see the official announcement: (en) (fr)

For more information about Unicode CLDR 1.8, see:

The Afrigen-ANLoc data collection tool was developed by Louise Berthilson of IT46 , and the project is managed by Martin Benjamin, Director of Kamusi Project International.

For more information about the African Network for Localization, see:

For more information about the Afrigen-ANLoc project, see:

Last update: 2011-07-14

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