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New CEN/WS/eCAT project CMap

On 2 March 2011 CEN/WS/eCAT „Multilingual electronic cataloguing and classification in eBusiness“ had the kick-off meeting for a new project “Classification Mapping for open and standardized product classification usage in eBusiness” CEN/WS/eCAT-CMap.

The main aims of the project are
  • to complete the mapping of the 4 (multilingual) product classification systems eCl@ss, CPV, GPC and UNSPSC and
  • to conceive a system (technical platform, operational and organizational mechanisms etc.) to maintain on a continuous basis the mapping of those 4 – and in the future maybe more – classification schemes.
Mr. Galinski of Infoterm has been confirmed as Chairman of CEN/WS/eCAT-CMap. [more…]

Last update: 2011-05-16

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