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New working item "Ontology integration and interoperability" (OntoIOp) proposed to ISO/TC 37/SC 3

A new working item about "Ontology integration and interoperability" (OntoIOp) has been proposed to ISO/TC 37/SC 3 by the Consortium of the EU-Project OASIS (Open architecture for Accessible Services Integration and Standardization). It is now distributed for ballot in ISO/TC 37/SC 3 - a first meeting is scheduled on 13 June 2011. OntoIOp will invite experts from highly topical fields into the ranks of ISO/TC 37.

OntoIOp will invite experts from highly topical fields into the ranks of ISO/TC 37. It will also be presented at the LaRC 2011 conference preceding the ISO/TC 37 meetings (Seoul South Korea, 2011-06-12/17).

Scope of the proposed project

This proposed International Standard specifies a language for distributed knowledge representation in ontologies, as well as interoperability among ontologies, services and devices. It describes the syntax and semantics of a distributed ontology
language (DOL).

The following features are essential to the design of this International Standard:

  • Existing ontology languages are included “as-is”, such that existing formats and tools can be used without need for conversion;
  • integration and interoperability of ontologies, services and devices is enabled;
  • a language for distributed ontologies is defined, with a formal syntax and semantics.
The following aspects are within the scope of this International Standard:
  • representation of information in distributed ontologies and knowledge bases;
  • mappings between ontologies, services and devices, as objects definable in the language;
  • translations between ontology languages, as objects available in the language;
  • heterogeneous ontologies combining parts written in different languages.
The following aspects are outside the scope of this International Standard:
  • the definition of basic ontology;
  • the description of processes.
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