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Infoterm has been invited into the International Program Committee (IPC) of the 13th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs (ICCHP) to be held in Austria from July 11 - 13, 2012

At the 12th ICCHP in 2010 Infoterm contributed especially to the main theme "eAccessibility and eInclusion (in Information and Communication Technologies)" by emphasizing the increasing importance of content interoperability as promoted by ISO/TC 37 “Terminology and other language and content resources”. In this connection it also represented the EU-Project OASIS, where Infoterm takes care of standardization activities with respect to content interoperability and ontology integration. The Recommendation on software and content development 2010 launched at the ICCHP 2010 (and endorsed in the meantime by several technical committees and organizations) was presented at the WSC Workshop (of the World Standards Cooperation – comprising ISO, IEC and ITU) in Geneva on 3-4 November 2010 and on other occasions.

The 13th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs (ICCHP) will be held at Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria from July 11 - 13, 2012 (Pre-Conference July 9 - 10).

ICCHP 2012 again focuses on all aspects related to Assistive Technologies (AT) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for people with disabilities. According changes in awareness and understanding of disability as well as social and legal frameworks, driven by Disability Rights and Independent Living Movements, led to what is known as eAccessibility, Universal Design or eInclusion. User involvement and user-centred design are the underlying general topic of ICCHP leading to an interdisciplinary discussion of all stakeholders in the value chain that allows social innovation in the information society. Interfacing the existing and emerging Human-Computer Interface is and will stay a key issue at ICCHP.

ICCHP provides a unique platform for end users, researchers, developers and practitioners including amongst others:

  • A scientific conference presenting and discussing reviewed papers (~50% acceptance rate) which will be published in SPRINGER Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
  • A pre-conference including major German spoken events, workshops/tutorials and meetings.
  • Special Thematic Sessions organized, chaired and supervised for publishing by leading experts to provide a comprehensive overview to very specific aspects of eAccessibility and eInclusion.
  • A Young Researchers Consortium to support the formation of the next generation of experts in eAccessibility and eIcnlusion.
  • A Summer University for young blind students intending to enter math, science and engineering studies.
  • Facilities to organize workshops/tutorials or meetings.
  • Space for exhibition and poster presentations.
  • Handing over the ICCHP Roland Wagner Award sponsored by the Austrian Computer Society.
  • An agreable Social Programme for networking and enjoyment.

ICCHP has been attended by more than 400 international and 200 national guests in the last years, making it a major event in this field.

Please have a look at the first announcement here (pdf, 640kB) and disseminate it as widely as possible.

For further information, please see here

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