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Conference on “Multilingual Competences for Professional and Social Success in Europe”, Warsaw, 28-29 September 2011

The conference on „Multilingual competences for professional and social success in Europe” organized within the framework of Polish Presidency of the EU Council was held on 28-29 September 2011 in Warsaw, Poland. The conference was organized by the Ministry of National Education in Poland and Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE) in cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission in Poland, Warsaw University, Warsaw City Hall and Centre for the Development of Education (ORE).

Keynote lectures:

Prof. Wolfgang Mackiewicz - Linguistic Competences and the Development of a Modern Linguistic Society

Rytis Martikonis - A Not-So-Curious Case of EU-multilingualism

These lectures were followed by two panels.

Panel 1: Language Education for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Modern Labour Market

Panel 2: Language Policy and its Potential for the Promotion of Active Citizenship

Five parallel groups discussed major topics:

Group 1: Early Start in Language Education in Europe

Group 2: Language Education for Mobility – Preparing for Education and Work Abroad

Group 3: Communication Channels in a Multicultural Classroom

Group 4: Linguistic Aspect of Higher Education

Group 5: For the Needs of the Labour Market: Translators’ Training and Language Training of Professionals

Tarmeko Spoon AS which attended the European Day of Languages in Brussels organized by European Commission in autumn 2010 developed as a result of this conference a website based on experiences of the attendees which is up and running since the beginning of the summer 2011: Languages mean business

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