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New Book on the "Role of Translation in Nation Building"

The Indian Translators Association, New Delhi, has recently launched the book "Role of Translation in Nation Building". It talks about how translators have always played a pivotal role in social and cultural change in society and how they continue to play a major role in dissemination of the ever expanding knowledge and information available today.

The book also covers “how translation has played crucial role in shaping up nations not only in Indian/Asian context but also in the context of Europe, Canada, Africa, Australia and Arab world”. Hence, in a way, the extent/range of thoughts/issues discussed in the book, encompass the entire globe.

This publication is also an attempt to find answers to issues like:

• What role has translation played in Nation Building in the Indian as well as global context?
• How easy or difficult is it to view Translation and Nation Building as a well-gelling couple?
• Did translation play a role in Turkish modernism movements and its accession to European Union?
• What about Translation and Nation Building in the African, Arabian and Australian contexts?
• Do national conflicts and language politics actually impact literary works and translations?
• How can media play an effective part in bringing social changes by means of translations?
• How has translation impacted the discourse on nationalism and globalization in the Arab World?

The book can be utilized as a guiding base/reference tool/textbook by:

• Students of language learning and its theory; translation studies; literature.
• Research scholars working in areas related to translation, nationalism, globalization, international studies, etc.
• Professors, teachers involved in teaching the above mentioned subjects/topics.

Preface and chapter details available here.

Last update: 2013-08-11

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