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Guidelines for collaborative legal/administrative terminology work

These Guidelines have been developed within the ICT-PSP project LISE – Legal Language Interoperability Services, which aimed at responding to the need for better tools supporting terminological activities and also at giving some methodological guidance for terminology work in the legal/administrative domain.

They also aim at diminishing the methodological difficulties faced when doing collaborative terminology work in this domain. It offers an example of the contents and issues such documentation should consider.

Authors expect to encourage more terminologists to write and, ideally, share documentation on terminology workflows, activities, roles and methodologies.

This document includes a brief introduction into the target domain; typical “Activities” and “Roles” involved in terminological workflows, including standardization; a quick overview over the types of “Tools” that can be used to support the workflow; and a “Workflows - First aid kit”. Important aspects of “Cooperation and communication” in terminology are addressed. A list of “Relevant international standards” as well as a “Glossary of terms” used in the Guidelines are provided.

Guidelines for collaborative legal/administrative terminology work are now available for download on the LISE project website or at Eurac.

Last update: 2013-09-17

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