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“Lexicon Silvestre”

The “Lexicon Silvestre” is an astounding endeavor of many members of the Lexicon Silvestre Association (Förderverein “Lexicon silvestre” e.V.) to collect forestry concepts and related concepts from wood industry, ecology, landscape development, and environmental protection.

The Lexicon will ultimately cover up to 10,000 concepts, and is published in separate volumes containing about 1000 concepts each in different languages or language combinations.

Each volume contains the term (or terms) and a definition for each concept and follows proper terminological methods.
The latest publications are:
(Russian version) Lyubov Andrushko et al. Lexicon silvestre – Lesnoj slovar, Prima pars: Russkaja versja.2012. 2nd rev. Edition. ISBN 978-3-931262-70-2
(German version) Stefan Panka et al.  Lexicon silvestre – Wörterbuch des Forstwesens: Deutsch, nona pars. ISBN 978-3-931262-71-6
(Esperanto version) Stefan Panka et al. Lexicon silvestre – Vortaro de forsta fako: Esperanto, nona pars. ISBN 978-3-931262-72-3

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