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Language Codes at the Crossroads Workshop, at DIN, Deutsches Institut für Normung, Berlin (Germany), 21 June 2014

The workshop “Language Codes at the Crossroads” will be held in the framework of the 11th international conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE 2014). Given their extensive use and the numerous communities of practice involved, the codes reflect many different needs and have been bent to reflect both linguistic considerations and political, historical, and pragmatic computing realities. Even the very notions of language, dialect, variety, and family are not easily defined in an in light of current paradigm shifts. Needs for great stability on the Web are balanced against a demand for greater linguistic accuracy in a dynamically changing global communications scene.

This workshop is being designed to address a number of issues:
1) To inform users and non-experts in the basic principles and issues underlying the codes;
2) To explore an evolving paradigm for defining language varieties;
3) To clarify the needs of stakeholders with a strong vested interest in the current configuration of the codes;
4) To elicit as yet unidentified needs that are not currently being met by either the current codes or by proposed changes in the system.

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