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Report on the Workshop “Language Coding at the Crossroads”, Berlin (Germany), 21 June 2014

After the regular conference TKE 2014 (Terminology and Knowledge Engineering) the Workshop “Language Coding at the Crossroads” took place. The international standard ISO 639 “Codes for the representation of names of languages” is probably the most widely used ISO standard in the world, as it is applied for the basic settings of any computer, media or mobile device used for inter-human communication. The Workshop brought together representatives of the growing number of important stakeholders in the maintenance of the coding systems, in order to bring about better mutual understanding of the diverging requirements of the various stakeholders.

As TKE 2014 the Workshop was hosted by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). It preceded the meetings of the technical committee ISO/TC 37 “Terminology and other language and content resources” in the week after also hosted by DIN.

The report of the Workshop as well as all presentations are now available here

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