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SOS for the project “Fackverket 3.0”

The Swedish term ‘fackverk’ can be translated into ’truss’ meaning a braced triangulated frame designed to act as a beam (ISO 6707‐1). This metaphor is used to describe the intended resulting functions of the project, a system which can support an infrastructure for publication and re‐use of existing terminology. For different worlds to understand each other, and for developers to easier build products – for the whole area of national authorities or the whole open data community – common terminologies, term structures, authority glossaries must exist.

However to reach the objectives of the project it is necessary to find cooperation from those who have been active in the same field or related to similar projects. Any input is welcome.

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or write to the EAFT President Henrik Nilsson at the Swedish Centre for Terminology : nenrik.nilsson[at]

Last update: 2016-01-03

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