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TTT: Workshop on Terminology Teaching & Training at TKE 2016

A workshop on Terminology Teaching & Training will be held in Copenhagen, on June 24, 2016, in the framework of the TKE 2016 conference on “Terminology and Knowledge Engineering”. The Workshop is organized by the European Association for Terminology (EAFT) and International Institute for Terminology Research (IITF).

The aim of the workshop is to
• discuss the various aspects of terminology teaching and training (TT&T) considering different target groups, pedagogical tools, contents, and media used etc. including the exchange of experience from various teaching contexts.
• develop an outline/guide for syllabus components for different modules needed for various TT&T situations.
• consider the possibilities of creating a didactic electronic forum/platform for terminology teaching and training (TT&T) where resources could be uploaded and exchanged.

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Last update: 2016-04-23

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