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Two Glossaries about COVID-19

(1) The German Federal Language Office has published a multilingual glossary on the subject of Corona Virus with around 1600 terms in German with equivalents in English, French, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Spanish. In addition to purely medical terms, it contains terms relevant to the armed forces in the fields of medical services, civil-military cooperation, and border cooperation. It is publicly accessible and freely available to all interested users via the Coreon platform.
(2) The Terminology Section of the Swiss Federal Chancellery, in collaboration with the language services of the Federal Administration, has also produced a corona glossary, which contains 155 entries in five languages (German, French, Italian, English, Rhaeto-Romance) and is available as a list of equivalence on the one hand and as a collection of complete entries in TERMDAT on the other.

Last update: 2020-08-13

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