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International Infoterm Awards (IIAs)

The International Infoterm Awards (IIAs) consist of the:

  • Terminology TFR Award  (International Award for Outstanding Achievement in Theoretical/Fundamental Research in the field of terminology)
  • Terminology ARD Award (International Award for excellence in Applied Terminology Research and Development)

In October 2001, the IIAs were taken over by the European Association for Terminology (EAFT) and renamed International Terminology Awards (ITAs).

Winners of the International Infoterm Awards

Terminology TFR Award

  • 2000 Vladimir M. Leichik and Luba Biesiekirska, Russian Federation
  • 1998 Skora Setti, France

Terminology ARD Award

  • 2001 Dea Kopp Jensen, Denmark
  • 2000 Ingrid Marit Lien, Norway
  • 1999 Bassey Edem Antia, Germany
  • 1998 Pascaline Dury, France

In conjunction with the IIAs the following candidates received an Honourable Mention:

  • 2001 Rosa Estopà Bagot Universitat  Pompeu Fabra, Spain
  • 2000 Konstantinos Valeontis, Greece
  • 1998 Katerina T. Frantzi, United Kingdom

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