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Terminology Planning

Terminology planning is an activity that is carried out by many institutions, organizations or communities for an array of purposes.

Lexical expansion is an important component of language corpus planning. However, its horizontal cross-departmental character, its complexity, and the fact that certain domains are not following the rules of general language often require terminology planning being treated as a separate discipline or activity. It reaches beyond language planning when it involves non-linguistic concept representations (formulas, pictograms, audiovisual signals, etc.).

Terminology planning is often connected with terminology standardization activities. It can take place at different levels – from local to international.

Terminology planning increasingly gains importance in corporate language planning and management at a strategic level. More and more organizations recognize “Terminology management is an essential element of an organization’s metadata management system…”, which means that systematic terminology is the basis for all information, communication and knowledge related activities and tools of the organization.

Infoterm is a centre of expertise in the field of terminology planning policies.

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