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History of Infoterm

During the 1950s and 1960s, Eugen Wüster, one of the pioneers in terminology standardization, has developed his General Theory of Terminology whereby he gained the posthumous fame as “father of terminology science”. In the early fifties of the 20th century, a privately owned terminology centre existed in Wieselburg (Lower Austria), as part of Eugen Wüster’s engineering enterprise.

As a follow-up to his endeavours and activities,

  • Eugen Wüster was entrusted with the Secretariat of ISO/TC 37 “Terminology (principles and co-ordination)”, which he administered from 1952 to 1971 on behalf of the Austrian Standards Institute (ASI); 

  • Infoterm was established in 1971 on the basis of a contract between UNESCO and ASI.

In 1971, Infoterm took over from Eugen Wüster the Secretariat of ISO/TC 37, and in 1982, his legacy, which in 1996 became the Eugen Wüster Archive at the University of Vienna. Thus, the early development phase of Infoterm was closely connected to the activities of Eugen Wüster, on the one hand, and to the development of ISO/TC 37, on the other hand.

In 1996, Infoterm became an independent international scientific non-profit association.
Infoterm’s promotion of terminology as an interdisciplinary science of its own right with a broad range of applications has given rise to many new institutions, organizations and networks in the field of terminology since the mid of the 1980s.

A series of publications on terminology issues have been produced together with cooperation partners and many projects initiated – not to mention the numerous training activities and related services. See Infoterm Documents.

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