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Infoterm Mission Statement

Infoterm promotes and supports the cooperation of existing and the establishment of new terminology centres and networks with the general aim to improve domain communication, knowledge transfer and provision of content with a view to facilitating the participation of all in the global multilingual knowledge society.

In order to achieve this objective, Infoterm Members cooperate in organizing a world-wide network of centres for terminology, language and content resources with a view to:

  • disseminating information on terminological activities as well as raising awareness of the importance of terminology in all walks of life,
  • furthering the preparation of reusable terminologies by subject-field specialists in cooperation with terminologists,
  • sharing expertise regarding harmonized methods and guidelines for terminology management, the management of terminology centres, and for the use of terminological data, methods and tools in all other applications where specialized information and knowledge are involved.

In discharging its functions, Infoterm is cooperating with pertinent international, regional and national organizations/institutions/networks and their respective members.

The Statutes of Infoterm are available in EN and DE

Last update: 2012-08-09

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