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The Infoterm Staff

Christian Galinski
Director, ISO/TC 37 Twinned Secretary

Christian Galinski

Director since 1986, Japanese and Chinese and communication studies at the University of Bonn. He spent several years in Japan. As a registered court translator for Japanese, he set up a business promotion and language service company, focussing its activities on East Asia. After joining Infoterm in 1979, he had weathered over the years the rising and falling tides of trends in terminology, enjoying much success, while suffering his share of disappointments as well. He remains an indefatigable promoter of international co-operation in terminology.



Dorothée Eichfelder
Organization of the statutory Infoterm meetings, database management, translation and revision, membership administration.

Dorothée Eichfelder

For over 30 years, Dorothée Eichfelder fought for the cause of terminology in three specialized agencies of the United Nations, i.e. IAEA, UNIDO and UNESCO, where she first worked as a translator, subsequently reorganized and ran the respective terminology, documentation and reference services, finally developed and established in two instances a terminology and reference database in collaboration with a computer expert. She is still going strong, giving Infoterm a helping hand in all matters relating to their members and governing bodies.






Blanca Stella Giraldo
Deputy Director

Blanca Stella Giraldo Pérez

Ms Giraldo Perez was university teacher and academic researcher at Colombian Universities till September 2011 focusing among others on terminology, translation, standardization and LSP teaching. Parallel, she has been part of COLTERM (Colombian Terminology Network) and GITT (Group of Research in Terminology and Translation – Antioquia University), both member organizations of Infoterm. Currently, she participates in the development of projects related to language industry, standardization and content resources.



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