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Infoterm Executive Board (IEB)

President: Ms Albina Auksoriūtė

Head of the Department of Terminology at the Institute of Lithuanian Language [more…]




Vice-President: Mr A Min Tjoa

Infoterm_VicePresident_A Min TjoaDirector of the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems (ISIS) at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) [more…]






Vice-President: Mr. Martin Benjamin

Executive Director, Kamusi Project International (KPI) [more...]





Ms Mélanie Maradan

Director, Translator and Terminologist, since 2011 external relations representative of the Universal Esperanto Association (UEA) in the field of terminology [more...]





Mr Lotfi Ben Said

Lotfi Ben Said

Head of Multilateral Cooperation and Translation Division, Foreign Relations Department, INNORPI (National Institute for Standardization and Industrial Property), Tunesia; member of the Arab Translation Management Group (ISO/TMB/ATMG)


 Mr Qing Liu

Qing LiuVice-Chairman of the China National Committee for Terms in Sciences and Technologies (CNCTST) [more...]






Co-opted Members:

Mr Key Sun Choi 
Head of the Computer Science Department of Korterm at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Ms Hanne Erdman Thomsen
President, Association for Terminology and Knowledge Transfer (GTW)

Mr Johan Myking
President, International Institute for Terminology Research (IITF)

Ms Margaretha Mazura
Secretary General, European Multimedia Forum (EMF)

Mr Mark Childress

President, German Association for Terminology (DTT)

Mr Klaus-Dirk Schmitz
Head, German Terminology Information and Documentation Centre (DEUTERM)

Mr Håvard Hjulstad
Project Manager, Standards Norway (SN)

Ms Maria Cecilia Plested Alvarez

Coordinator, Grupo de Investigación en Terminología y Traducción (GITT), University of Antioquia

Ms Maria-Teresa Cabré Castellví

Institut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada (IULA), Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Ms Nicoletta  Calzolari 
Chair, ISO/TC 37/SC4

Mr Laurent Romary 
Chairperson, ISO/TC 37 Terminology and other language and content resources

Ms Gabriele Eschig
Secretary General, Austrian Commission for UNESCO (ÖUK)

Ex officio:
Mr Christian Galinski

Director of Infoterm and Co-Secretary of the Executive Board

Last update: 2016-09-30

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