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Qing Liu

Qing LiuQing Liu studied at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. In 1982 he became Director of the Energy Division at the Academy of Research of the Capital Iron and Steel Corporation. Since 1984 he is employed by the China National Committee for Terms in Sciences and Technologies (CNCTST) where he earned the position of High Editor (bianshen). In 2005 he succeeded Mr. PAN Shuxiang as Vice-President of CNCTST.

Major in mechanical engineering, Chinese philology, business management fields etc.

Mr. Liu Qing owns a wide knowledge background in natural science, engineering technology, literature and art, in social science and many other disciplines, and he has already harvested many academic fruits. In recent years, Mr. Qing Liu made great efforts in the terminology research and editing fields actively, and published over 40 articles in various academic essay collections. He attended many international academic conferences, and delivered many academic reports there. Meanwhile he has already published "International Trade and Investment", "Archimedes’s vengeance” and other translation works.

Since 2005, Mr. Qing Liu presided the National Committee for terms in sciences and technologies in routine work; under his leadership, 60 sub-Committees had been set up; the work in examining and approving technical terms in 80 subjects has been organized scientifically. He has already made important achievements in promoting Chinese terminology research.

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