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Albina Auksoriuté

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Albina Auksoriūtė graduated from Vilnius State University and started to work as an assistant at the Institute of the Lithuanian Language.

In May 2000, she defended her doctorate „Lauryno Ivinskio terminologijos darbai“ (“Terminological works of Laurynas Ivinskis”) and was appointed as Head of the Department of Terminology at the Institute of Lithuanian Language in January 2001.

She is also a member of the Editorial Board of the scientific publication “Terminologija”, a compiler of a collection of papers „Terminologijos istorijos ir dabarties problemos“ (V., 2004) [„Problems of Terminology History and the Present“] and „Pabaltijo tautų terminologijos problemos ir Europos Sąjunga“ (V., 2005) [„Problems of Baltic States Terminology and the European Union“], manager of the joint project with the Faculty of Communication of the Vilnius University concerning the elaboration of a Dictionary of Terms of Journalism (Žurnalistikos terminų žodynas). From 2005 to 2006 the Centre of Terminology participated under her guidance in the EC eCONTENT Project EUROTERMBANK devoted to the collection of European terminological resources.

Her interests lie in the history of terminology and the standardization of contemporary terminology, especially terminology of life sciences. She has published 32 scientific articles and participated in 24 scientific conferences.

In addition to running the Department, her activities focus on the elaboration of terminologies as well as on the review of dictionaires and standards. In this connection, she consults domain specialists about various terminology issues.

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