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IN LIFE - INdependent LIving support Functions for the Elderly


This 36-month Project (2015-2018) of the EU Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020 aims to prolong and support the independent living of seniors with cognitive impairments, through interoperable, open, personalized and seamless ICT solutions that support:
• home activities,
• communication,
• health maintenance,
• travel,
• mobility, and
• socialisation tasks,
with novel, scalable and viable business models, based on feedback from large-scale and multi-country pilot applications.
Infoterms main task is to analyze pertinent standards of relevance to IN LIFE and
• organize input from the project consortium into ongoing standardization activities,
• initiate concrete new standardization activities pertinent to content interoperability with a view to the target users of the results of the project.
In this connection, content is supposed to be multilingual and multimodal from the outset, in line with the "Recommendation on software and content development principles 2010" (MoU/MG N 476, initiated by Infoterm through ISO/TC 37).

For more information, please visit the IN LIFE website

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