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TIPPS - Terminology Information Policy, Portal and Service

The 3-year Turkish-German bilateral project "Terminology Information Policy, Portal and Service" (TIPPS) started in June 2011 and will end in May 2014. The main project partners are Hacettepe University in Ankara and Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

TIPPS' objective is to develop an infrastructure for terminology research, resources, training and services that will serve and support industry, research activities, trade and integration endeavours in multilingual societies of Turkey, Germany, the European Union, and the International Community. The project is building up on the momentum and the results achieved in previous projects in order to take them a step further towards the greater objective of a functioning and active infrastructure and cooperation between Turkish and German partner institutions in the field of terminology and special communication.

TIPPS will also strengthen and further develop activities initiated during the TermTurk project that require further attention, mainly in the field of terminology, information policy, terminology information portal and terminology information service including qualification and certification. The Infoterm Library, which is hosted toady by the Cologne University of Applied Sciences together with the Eugen Wüster Archive in Vienna, provides the core library data repositories from which TIPPS can start off.

In addition, Infoterm pursues a complementary project in cooperation with UNESCO to establish virtual terminology documentation centres (TDC) in countries where TDC are needed, such as in some CEEC (Central and Eastern European Countries).

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